Pirzada Moin Shah

Pirzada Moin Shah

Izyan Law Firm in Pakistan is a conglomeration of full-service law firms in Pakistan and the Asia Pacific, offering legal services in multiple avenues of law practice. And we have ultimate presence in all significant cities of Pakistan

Age: 38
Experience: 4 years
Specialization: Consumer Law

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    About me

    It all started with an ambitious dream born in Lahore, Pakistan. My homeland and of my ancestors’; a land that proved to be a fertile, nurturing ground to drive this dream forward. The first milestone in my legal career. 

    The idea of establishing the office stemmed from my firm belief that practicing the legal profession as an individual has become like abandoning the flock and signing off key, which leaves little space for development.

    1. Case Sharing and Collaboration: Lawyers often work together on complex cases, sharing information, strategies, and resources. By collaborating, attorneys can pool their expertise, knowledge, and perspectives to develop stronger legal arguments, identify potential risks, and find innovative solutions.

    1. Division of Tasks: In a team setting, lawyers may divide tasks and responsibilities based on their strengths, skills, and experience. This ensures that each team member contributes their expertise to the case while maximizing efficiency. For example, one lawyer may handle research, another may draft legal documents, and another may argue in court.

    1. Regular Communication: Effective communication is vital for lawyer teamwork. Team members need to stay in touch, share updates, discuss case progress, and address any challenges or concerns. Regular team meetings, email exchanges, and other communication tools help maintain coordination and keep everyone on the same page.

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